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The world health day aspects and themes.

The world health day aspects and themes

The world health day is a global health awareness day celebrated on April seven once a year under the guidance of the World Health Organization(WHO) as well as the related organization.

The First World health assembly was held in 1948 in which they decided to celebrate it every year on April 7 with the effectiveness from 1950 as the World Health Day.

Each year the World Health Day is held to mark who’s founding and seen as an opportunity to draw worldwide attention to a matter of major global health by the organization.

Aspects of world health day.

The World Health Day has many aspects that are World Heart Day, World Heritage Day, World Doctors Day, International Earth Day, World Oral Health Day.

In 2018 World Health Organization celebrated its 17th inauguration day by the special stamps issued by United Nations Postal Administration(UNPA) as a messenger of Peace.

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Last Year Theme of the world health day (2018)
The world health day aspects and themes.
The world health day

The theme of 2018 health day was Human rights, the environment, endangered species, and peace are all subjects of universal concern to the peoples of the world and so is universal health coverage.

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